The History of Horizons – (Mission: SPACE) | Epcot

  20 Jun 2020  

Undoubtedly Epcot’s most popular demolished attraction, Horizons was a omnimover dark-ride housed in it’s future world section. Despite it’s late 90’s closure, Horizons remains a favorite amongst Epcot enthusiasts.

Bonus Info:
The submarine prop at 7:44 has since been removed, exact whereabouts are currently unknown:

Song’s used:
• Epcot Horizons Musical Score:
• EPCOT Mission Space Area Loop And Theme Music:

Video’s used:
• [4K] Mission: SPACE – Green (Milder) Intensity: Epcot (Orlando, FL):
• 6g Centrifuge run:
• Disney Epcot Horizons – Complete POV Ride (1992):
• Disney’s CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS Ultimate PANDAVISION Multi-Angle Edition – FULL SHOW:
• EPCOT CENTER – Under Construction (Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream 1981):
• Epcot Center Horizons End GE Exit Sign 1992:
• Horizons – EPCOT Center – Circa 1996:
• INTERCOT: Horizons – Future World – Epcot – Complete Ride Through – 1998:
• Horizons Vehicles lost at Disney Studios Paris:
• Monorail to Epcot Center 1991, Horizons, World of Motion, Imagination Exteriors, Walt Disney World:
• Step Into Horizons:
• Horizons POV Ride Through Restored Video – EPCOT Center – 1990:

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